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  • Journal Mental Health

    The Weight of Emptiness

    Various statistics report that one in four people suffer from a mental health problem, such as clinical depression. This means that 3 out of 4 people
    11th October 2018
  • رمضان

    The Blessed Month in Jordan

    As the Blessed Month comes to an end, one of our members shares her experience of Ramadan in Jordan: The blessed Month of Ramadan is long
    7th June 2018
  • ^Umrah

    Leaving Makkah

    One of our members continues to describe her experience of the recent ^umrah trip led by Haj Hadi Fayed:  Sometimes, despite how tired I was, I would
    27th April 2018
  • ^Umrah

    Following in the Footsteps of the Prophet

    Prophet Muhammad received the revelation in the cave of Hira’, and some years later, when our Master Abu Bakr accompanied the Prophet on the journey during
    25th April 2018