About us

About Us

The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (AICP) is a global initiative established in the UK in the 1980s, with centres in London, Birmingham and Halifax, and projects happening throughout other cities in the UK.

Our work involves providing education to Muslims and non-Muslims about the true belief in Islam and clarifying the misconceptions that some people may have. We are a beacon of light and a resounding voice of moderation standing against extremism and the deviant ideologies which are a detriment to society.

Our members include men and women from varying professions and ages. We support our local communities in works of charity and provide hubs of activity that encourage social opportunities, networking, education, the establishment of schools, celebrating Islamic festivals and the promotion of a rich diversity of cultures. Our activities include teaching religious knowledge, supporting students with their education in schools, organising social activities, performing nashids and cultivating individual talent, hobbies and skills.

We are motivated by a love of Prophet Muhammad, the last of all the Prophets, by following in his blessed way. We have an unbroken chain of traditional Muslim scholarship that links us to him and the beautiful teachings of a way of life far removed from the ideas of misguidance that plague many societies today. We stand for truth and justice and support our members to become well rounded, confident and beneficial contributors serving for the good of the community.